CNA Certification – Getting The Right CNA Training

cna training CNA Certification   Getting The Right CNA Training

A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, is a person who has studied nursing and passed a licensing exam to become a nursing assistant. A CNA is supervised by a Registered Nurse(RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). A CNA must have a good amount of experience and be willing and able to help meet the health care needs of their patients.

Prior to making a decision to become a CNA, a person must make sure that they are really willing and able to help meet all a patient’s needs.Nursing assistants may be called different things depending on the location of their work. Nursing assistants are used in all different sorts of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, a patient’s own home, or in adult foster care and other sorts of assisted living facilities.

Often, a nursing assistant will have more contact with their patient, and therefore, they will be the one giving information about the patient’s condition and statistics to the other people providing care, like doctors, RN’s, and LPN’s. Often a CNA will work almost exclusively as a liaison between the patient and the Registered Nurse supervising the care for all patients.CNA training must provide care to all their patients in a professional manner, regardless of race, gender, age, and ethnicity.

It can be an extremely rewarding profession, even though it is fast paced work, and often intense. As well as being professional and compassionate to their patients, a good nursing assistant should have good interpersonal skills, and be prepared to put their patients health needs and care at the top of their agenda.

Becoming Trained And Certified As A Nursing Assitant

nursingassistant CNA Certification   Getting The Right CNA TrainingA CNA also needs to be well trained for their work, and be able to operate as part of a team to ensure that their patient gets comprehensive care. To become a CNA, a person must finish specific training programs, some that are offered by colleges that offer CNA certification, and some that are offered through health care organizations like the Red Cross. Someone looking to become a CNA should ensure that the college they intend to go to is fully accredited. After the training is completed, in order to become a CNA, a person must pass a licensing exam to prove that they have mastered the necessary skills.

Understanding the duties and responsibilities of an CNA is as important as understanding the traits and training that goes into becoming one. Nursing assistants are usually the ones responsible for taking the vital signs of patients, including their temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and other vital statistics that can help diagnose the patients problem.

CNA’s are also responsible for helping the patients with personal hygiene. This often includes helping a patient to bathe or shower. While helping a patient to bathe it is important to keep the patient from taking a dangerous fall, and also to protect the health of the patient and the CNA, by wearing gloves at all times. It is nearly unavoidable that a nursing assistant will work with patients who are bedridden or have very limited mobility.

In these cases, it also is the responsibility of the assistant to move the patient every couple of hours, so the bedsores do not appear, and the patients skin does not start to break down from pressure always being exerted on the same area of skin. CNA’s may also assist patients with limited mobility to complete exercises to move the joints, promote good circulation, and extend their range of motion.

CNA Programs Available

Anyone interested in a future as a CNA or as any sort of medical professional, should carefully consider if they will be able to put their patients needs first, and remain professional even in sensitive situations.

You can find out more about the profession by going to the US Bureau Labor Of Statistics.